Cross-stitched bibs

Way back, when I was a young girl, my mom tried to get me into cross-stitch.

It didn’t take.

I had delayed motor skills when I was a child, so much so that I fumbled with every zipper and couldn’t even tie my own shoes until about the third grade. So, you can see where threading a tiny needle and trying to match up those x’s was quite complicated.

Well, several years later my second effort went much better!


I kind of did the cheater’s method and bought this bib kit from Walmart. No Aida fabric or anything. It’s great practice learning to read a pattern with an outline before having to transfer it all mentally, like you would if you used Aida fabric.

I don’t know if it’ll be my new craft or not yet. I used to be an enthusiastic knitter, but I was never very good and I always found it sort of frustrating. Another thing I like about cross-stitch is that if you get bored using one color you can take a break once you’ve used up that thread and work on another section. In knitting, you pretty much have to go in order of the pattern.

I don’t know if I’ll actually get to use these bibs. The back is a little bit of a mess because I don’t know what I’m doing. Usually, when I start a new craft, I bug my mom until I get it. I’m teaching myself cross-stitch and I don’t understand anything yet, haha. I can see myself throwing it in the wash only to have the back unravel in the most ridiculous way.

Anyone else enjoy cross-stitch, or any other sort of hand craft, for that matter?


Sew-Along and Parenthood

I have no idea what I was thinking.

I follow The Coletterie, like so many other people in the sewing world do. Well, a couple of weeks ago, they announced The Cooper sew-along, and I jumped at the opportunity. The problem is, as a new parent, I’ve found myself to be a bit on the busy side. I told my husband about it, and he promptly added the messenger bag to his Christmas list. This is probably an example of biting off a bit more than I can chew, haha.

I haven’t had an opportunity to dash off to Jo-Ann’s, so I ordered fabric on-line (that hasn’t come in yet) and the pattern and hardware from The Coletterie website.

This is all I’ve gathered for the project so far:


Quite the collection of notions there. She said on the blog not to panic yet since it’s a quick sew, so I’m adamantly not panicking.

On the other hand, I did manage to get out to Jo-Ann’s today (hence the collection of notions) and saw Cincinnati Reds stuff on Clearance. This is sort of odd, since I no longer live in Ohio, but I’m a huge fan, so I collected as many things as I could:


A Cincinnati Reds hairband for my baby girl? I think so!


Sewn nursing cover for my baby


For my second project, I sewed up a nursing cover for my little baby. Since I’m quite committed to breastfeeding and I know we can’t stay in hibernation forever, I knew I needed something to cover up.


The baby was actually asleep so I used a teddy bear. Forgive my insane hair.

The one thing I forgot was that cotton shrinks, so I ended up with less room than I started with. It’s also not as breathable as I would like, so I’m considering making another one in a more breathable fabric. I’m not sure how good she’d do under there for a long nursing session.


There’s an option to make a collar, but I am sleep deprived and couldn’t figure out how to make it work, so I left it without one. I also did not quite cut the top in the shape of a circle apparently, so that’s kind of weird. Both things bugged me until I realized that I’m not wearing it for heavy use, just for a few minutes at a time, so if it’s not perfect it doesn’t really matter. This was my first sewing project that I did without my mother’s help, so I’m relatively pleased as to how it turned out. I know it’s not perfect, but it works for what it’s supposed to do and I can’t wait to try it out for real.

The original pin here:

nursing cover


On my to-do list for baby

Well, I’m about 38 weeks now, which means baby will be here fairly soon. I have so much stuff I’d like to get done, and thankfully my energy is starting to make a come-back. 


On my list:



Get a massive amount of baby laundry done. It’s nice that everyone has been so sweet and given us clothes, but there’s so much laundry to do! You see this massive pile of clothes? Believe it or not, this is just newborn/0-3 months size. This does not include the load I’d already put in the wash, or the other stuff I have in bigger sizes. She now has more clothes than I do. I guess I’ll appreciate it once she’s here… less laundry. Haha.




Get some meals cooked and put in the freezer. I think I’ll get hubby on this challenge, since he makes an excellent chili and beef stew. I might even start making more food than necessary this week and freezing some of it up when I can. It’ll give us a head start on meals once Baby R gets here.




Get the bassinet in our room. We’re not in a huge hurry to do this, so I’m going to have hubby move it when we get home from the hospital. We have a tiny master bedroom, so putting it in there now just means we’re going to trip over it constantly when we get home. Right now, I think I will load up the bottom with ‘quick’ remedies, like some diapers, diaper cream, a toy, a change of clothes, and a spare sheet. That way I can keep everything close by.



Get these cute buttons on the dress I’m working on. I’m making a dress for Baby R at the moment, which I’ve put aside for other projects. But I now have the overwhelming urge to finish up the dress and add these cute buttons on. I actually also bought some large white buttons that will work in a pinch, but these are cuter. 

And… last but not least… (prepare to be horrified):



I need to reorganize my craft desk. I am not sure how my craft desk became a dumping ground for everything, but it’s a mess. My sewing machine is still at my mom’s, and I need to get my machine here, as I’d like to get some sewing done. Other goals include getting nurse gifts together, and to get the car seat installed in the car. No, we have not done that yet. Yes, I am aware the baby could be here any time now, 

Hopefully, my next blog post will show a much nicer, much more organized desk. 


Steps to an organized nursery

Well, I had my first baby shower last weekend and it was a success! Now that we’re starting to get things for the baby, we started seriously organizing it. I might regret having everything done before I go on maternity leave, but I figure having everything set up as we go is the best plan. That way, in case she decides to come early, we’re ready to go.


We’ve already bought her several books. My eventual plan is to make some outward-facing bookshelves so she can pick her own books when she’s old enough to do so, but there’s no rush on that. The white cabinet next to the bookshelf is an awesome find from Hobby Lobby. We’re using it in our eventual nursing corner, and it has burp cloths and will have things I need on hand to feed her late at night.

OH, and the most exciting thing? Is the baby monitor. We finally decided on a stroller we both liked, and if you spent more than $150, you got a free baby monitor! A snazzy one, too, because it has video and everything.


Burp cloths. Always important.


I made these. This was, I think, the third sewing project I ever did. I love the Winnie-the-Pooh fabric. I also made her a matching receiving blanket.


We bought drawer organizers at IKEA, which we love. In this drawer, we have a random bottle I got as a sample, diaper rash lotion, and pacifiers. In the drawer next to this one, all we have is diapers. (I’ll spare you the image. Just know… I’m learning slowly but surely that newborn diapers are tiny. So tiny I’m having a hard time believing humans ever fit into those.) One of my friends also gave me small containers to organize things, like formula, food, etc. Although right now the plan is to breastfeed, I guess you never know. In the drawer below, all we have so far are some swaddling cloths.


Our organized closet. On top we have clothes for day time, and below are clothes for sleeping. People gave us hats, slippers, and bibs, so that’s currently in the hanging fabric organizer. We also have a few diaper covers, which are so cute. People were so good about giving us clothes for a variety of sizes, but I just realized I have very few newborn outfits that are actually for cold weather, haha. Oh, well. Next to that, we have a bulletin board so my husband and I can write each other notes and communicate. Our work schedules do not match at all, so we figured we’d need a central place to write notes, like “R didn’t sleep well. R just ate. Blah blah blah.” Maybe even (gasp!) a love note, haha.

I know I’m making this kind of long, but I really like the initials we found for the wall:



Gifts for a baby shower

Lately, I’ve made it a goal of mine to try and sew baby shower gifts as much as possible, so when I got an invitation for a week and half a way, I panicked. The one thing I knew how to do? My go-to pattern for babies — burp cloths. I used the tutorial from Purl Bee and had at it. 

Another thing that caused me a minor panic attack was the fact that my sewing machine is at my mother’s due to not having a space of my own quite yet, and she’s not been feeling well. Today, though, she felt well enough so I got to bang out some burp cloths for a baby boy!



Cute, huh? I picked out firetrucks and monkeys, frogs, and bears for the front and polka dots and a dark blue flannel for the backs.

ImageImageI’m really pleased at how they turned out! Despite the fact that I was pretty much at war with my sewing machine (either the thread caught on something, or we ran out, or the bobbin ran out, or…) So, as you can imagine, churning out four clothes were quite an adventure. Tomorrow I’m going to run out and buy some red ribbon to tie over it and… viola! Baby shower gift!