12 DIY Pins of Pinterest- DIY Star Trek Date Night


This is also an ongoing project that I’m working on. I saw this brilliant idea on Pinterest… basically, you come up with 12 dates for a year. You stick each date into an envelope (one for each month) and viola. You have one date per month of the year. At the beginning of each month, I give the envelope for that month to my husband, and we make plans together. I gave the gift to my husband as a Father’s Day gift this year; we weren’t parents yet but I was pregnant, so it totally counted, right?

I picked some of our favorite places to go, as well as some things we can do around town. We really like going to Atlanta, so I put in a date card for us to go there… we ended up finding an inexpensive hotel and spending the weekend. Basically, the sky is the limit. If you decide to implement this idea, I’d advise planning each date far in advance. I usually put brochures, pictures, and other goodies in each envelope to go with the theme for the month, and it can take some time to gather.

Here’s the box that I gave him:


ANYWAY. To make a long story short, November’s date night was a Star Trek night. My husband is a huge fan of all things Star Trek, so I cooked a Star Trek themed dinner and I let him pick out something Star Trek themed for us to watch. My original plan was to watch one of the movies, but Baby R was particularly fussy that night so we only had time for one episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

My husband goofed off and pretended to do a dramatic reading of the Star Trek cookbook that I ordered on Amazon.


Then we decorated the table:


Don’t be fooled — the food was HORRIBLE. I don’t know if it was me, or the cookbook, or what, but the Plomeek soup was way too salty and the noodles were incredibly dry. The only thing I thought was any good was the ‘Romulan ale’, which consisted of Powerade and sparkling cider.

Ya can’t mess that up.

And I’m not sure what the noodle recipe is for, but I suspect it’s just supposed to look alien. The way I made it, it seems like it was found on the ground on an alien planet. Or possibly in a prison.

This is why this is NOT a cooking blog.

The original pin can be found here:



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