On my to-do list for baby

Well, I’m about 38 weeks now, which means baby will be here fairly soon. I have so much stuff I’d like to get done, and thankfully my energy is starting to make a come-back. 


On my list:



Get a massive amount of baby laundry done. It’s nice that everyone has been so sweet and given us clothes, but there’s so much laundry to do! You see this massive pile of clothes? Believe it or not, this is just newborn/0-3 months size. This does not include the load I’d already put in the wash, or the other stuff I have in bigger sizes. She now has more clothes than I do. I guess I’ll appreciate it once she’s here… less laundry. Haha.




Get some meals cooked and put in the freezer. I think I’ll get hubby on this challenge, since he makes an excellent chili and beef stew. I might even start making more food than necessary this week and freezing some of it up when I can. It’ll give us a head start on meals once Baby R gets here.




Get the bassinet in our room. We’re not in a huge hurry to do this, so I’m going to have hubby move it when we get home from the hospital. We have a tiny master bedroom, so putting it in there now just means we’re going to trip over it constantly when we get home. Right now, I think I will load up the bottom with ‘quick’ remedies, like some diapers, diaper cream, a toy, a change of clothes, and a spare sheet. That way I can keep everything close by.



Get these cute buttons on the dress I’m working on. I’m making a dress for Baby R at the moment, which I’ve put aside for other projects. But I now have the overwhelming urge to finish up the dress and add these cute buttons on. I actually also bought some large white buttons that will work in a pinch, but these are cuter. 

And… last but not least… (prepare to be horrified):



I need to reorganize my craft desk. I am not sure how my craft desk became a dumping ground for everything, but it’s a mess. My sewing machine is still at my mom’s, and I need to get my machine here, as I’d like to get some sewing done. Other goals include getting nurse gifts together, and to get the car seat installed in the car. No, we have not done that yet. Yes, I am aware the baby could be here any time now, 

Hopefully, my next blog post will show a much nicer, much more organized desk. 


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