Packing my bag for baby

Well, I’m not dead. I typically try to update more often, but I’ve been completely zonked. Zombiefied. Not as bad as that first trimester, but pretty darn bad. I’m waiting patiently for some kind of nesting instinct, but as the only instinct I’ve had so far is forcing myself through work and then staring at the walls, I’m guessing labor is pretty far off. 


I did pack my hospital bag. 




The backpack is for baby. So far I have some diaper ointment, two going-home outfits (one in pink and one with pumpkins on it that says “My First Halloween” since she’s due the 24th but could very well be born on Halloween). I’m finishing up some laundry and will add a pink hat and some mittens so she doesn’t scratch herself. My hospital gives out diapers, so I’m not concerned about that.

For myself, I packed a boppy, a going-home outfit for myself (still maternity style), some breast pads, toiletries, and some underwear I could care less about. Then I added a robe and some socks, as I can get cold very, very easily. I wrote a list to remind myself to pack some snacks for hubby, some treats for the nurses, and my Macbook in case I get bored. That way, I can listen to some music as I labor, I guess. I think I’m also going to add a pillow to that list, since everyone says hospital pillows are basically the worst. 

Is there anything else I should add?


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