Gifts for a baby shower

Lately, I’ve made it a goal of mine to try and sew baby shower gifts as much as possible, so when I got an invitation for a week and half a way, I panicked. The one thing I knew how to do? My go-to pattern for babies — burp cloths. I used the tutorial from Purl Bee and had at it. 

Another thing that caused me a minor panic attack was the fact that my sewing machine is at my mother’s due to not having a space of my own quite yet, and she’s not been feeling well. Today, though, she felt well enough so I got to bang out some burp cloths for a baby boy!



Cute, huh? I picked out firetrucks and monkeys, frogs, and bears for the front and polka dots and a dark blue flannel for the backs.

ImageImageI’m really pleased at how they turned out! Despite the fact that I was pretty much at war with my sewing machine (either the thread caught on something, or we ran out, or the bobbin ran out, or…) So, as you can imagine, churning out four clothes were quite an adventure. Tomorrow I’m going to run out and buy some red ribbon to tie over it and… viola! Baby shower gift!


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