My baby is stealing all my nutrients!

This third trimester is hitting me hard. Between baby flip-flopping all over the side I’m trying to sleep on, to horrible leg cramps, to nausea whenever I’m sitting in the passenger side of the car… I’m longing to return to the energy I had in the second trimester, but I still want to be this far along. It’s like a different feeling to the first trimester, but I’m still miserable.

The only solution I’ve found is Gatorade!


Yes, the only thing I can find to keep the leg cramps/Charlie Horses away is Gatorade. A little bit keeps them far, far away so I can get a bit more sleep.

I also took a childbirth class. They covered everything in one day — like signs you’re going into labor, signs you need to call your doctor, and all the steps of labor. We didn’t go through Lamaze techniques as much as I would have liked, though. But I feel more comfortable now that I’ve seen the L & D ward at the hospital. They also went through all the pain relief techniques — both medicated and natural. I picked up some free stuff with the Parenting magazine they gave out:


In case you can’t tell, there’s some coupons, Aquaphor, and nursing pads in there. Hey, every bit helps, right?

Oh, and as an added bonus, here’s a picture of me standing by the Winnie-the-pooh display at Downtown Disney, looking very pregnant and hot, haha. Hot as in it’s 92 degrees at 9 o’clock at night, not sexy. 😉



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