It’s about time…

I figured since I’m now in the third trimester it’s about time to work on the nursery. We spent quite a bit of time last week assembling the crib and adding a decal to the wall.


Our theme is Winnie-the-Pooh, so we thought it was only fitting to have a quote from the books on the wall. Then, we assembled the crib from IKEA. Mostly it involved a lot of frustration (on my end) and calm analysis (on my husband’s end.)


Sometimes, I wonder what the nesting instinct looked like before Pinterest. Because of that website, I went a little nuts, decided I really needed closet dividers, and decorated them. I picked out some Classic Pooh pictures and had my dad help me center them on some circular sticker paper. Then, my husband used an exacto-knife to cut them down to size. 


And, finally, I made this garment for the little one:


It’s an extra special garment because the pattern actually comes from my mother’s stash. While she was pregnant with me, she made a ton of these, which my dad claims he loves because it makes changing the baby super easy. By using the same fabric for the neck and wrists it makes it look a little less like it’s from the 1980’s, haha. It was a super easy pattern. I’m a beginner and I knocked that out in an afternoon. I can imagine myself making a ton of these, too, before my little girl gets here.




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