Baby Blanket

How late is too late for a baby blanket? Should they still technically be a baby, or should you just aim for sometime before college?


IMG_1401My second child was born with no baby blanket to speak of. My first was adorned with quite a few– I think we all know the difference between first and second pregnancies!

My goal, as my son turns 2, is to make him a baby blanket. It’s all done in garter stitch so it’s a bit bland of a knit, but you get to do yarn overs every row to increase stitches, so it’s only mildly stale. (I’m actually a lot further than this, but I’m already kind of tired of it– you’re supposed to have 184 stitches before you can start decreasing, and I just counted 78.)



Here I am

I decided to knit again. This project has more dropped stitches than anything else, and I abandoned it about six years ago so I really can’t tell you what I was trying to do with it. I know it was supposed to be a baby blanket since I found an old blog (I’d abandoned it, too) and it told me so. But other than that, I really don’t understand what I was doing. So, I’m finishing it up with stockinette stitch in the middle and a garter stitch border. Since it’s monumentally messed up and I don’t have the heart to frog it and start over, it’s going to be a weirdly-stitched baby doll blanket. I doubt the doll will care. I’ll do better for my next project, but in the meantime, it’s good practice in basic stitching. 

I’d forgotten how badly stockinette stitch curls. I can’t wait until there’s a little bit of weight on it to so I can actually lay it out and see what I’m doing. 
I’m hoping to start another baby blanket, possibly for my son, who got a bit short-changed in the blanket department. His sister has been given at least 3-4 and I think all of his are hand-me-downs from her. He needs a blanket of his own. Maybe he can take it to daycare? 

I haven’t decided whether to work on those two projects simultaneously or one at a time. 

I’m also working on sewing a baby blanket for a childhood friend of mine, but I’ll post those pictures once it’s a bit further along. The fabric has been washed but still needs ironing, so you can only imagine. 

It’s been a busy week. Time to relax, catch up on sleep, and try to get further into this blanket.


12 DIY Pins of Pinterest- DIY Star Trek Date Night


This is also an ongoing project that I’m working on. I saw this brilliant idea on Pinterest… basically, you come up with 12 dates for a year. You stick each date into an envelope (one for each month) and viola. You have one date per month of the year. At the beginning of each month, I give the envelope for that month to my husband, and we make plans together. I gave the gift to my husband as a Father’s Day gift this year; we weren’t parents yet but I was pregnant, so it totally counted, right?

I picked some of our favorite places to go, as well as some things we can do around town. We really like going to Atlanta, so I put in a date card for us to go there… we ended up finding an inexpensive hotel and spending the weekend. Basically, the sky is the limit. If you decide to implement this idea, I’d advise planning each date far in advance. I usually put brochures, pictures, and other goodies in each envelope to go with the theme for the month, and it can take some time to gather.

Here’s the box that I gave him:


ANYWAY. To make a long story short, November’s date night was a Star Trek night. My husband is a huge fan of all things Star Trek, so I cooked a Star Trek themed dinner and I let him pick out something Star Trek themed for us to watch. My original plan was to watch one of the movies, but Baby R was particularly fussy that night so we only had time for one episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

My husband goofed off and pretended to do a dramatic reading of the Star Trek cookbook that I ordered on Amazon.


Then we decorated the table:


Don’t be fooled — the food was HORRIBLE. I don’t know if it was me, or the cookbook, or what, but the Plomeek soup was way too salty and the noodles were incredibly dry. The only thing I thought was any good was the ‘Romulan ale’, which consisted of Powerade and sparkling cider.

Ya can’t mess that up.

And I’m not sure what the noodle recipe is for, but I suspect it’s just supposed to look alien. The way I made it, it seems like it was found on the ground on an alien planet. Or possibly in a prison.

This is why this is NOT a cooking blog.

The original pin can be found here:



12 DIY Pins of Pinterest: Organization and Christmas gifts


1. First, an organized closet. We wanted to update the front closet so it didn’t look quite so cluttered. I tend to ‘recycle’ gift bags when they are given to me, and with three baby showers under my belt, the closet was becoming full of gift bags and random pieces of tissue paper. We also had way too many coats hanging up there, many of which we no longer use. I wanted a place to store all my gift wrapping material, so this is the result: Before:






OK, forgive that first picture. It appears that my kid’s head did its first photo bombing there. I don’t know what we’re going to do; I know at least 5,000 okay, five, people who are having babies this winter, spring, and summer, and they aren’t all girls! All my gift bags are really, really girly. Haha. 2.


Homemade lemoncello. This needs some explanation, as it’s not quite finished yet. It takes over a month to brew properly. My husband calls it my moonshine, but really it’s Everclear, lemons, water, and sugar. I’m going to buy a clear bottle and give it to my parents for Christmas, I think, since I’m trying really, really hard to be good and not drink while I’m breastfeeding. (Technically, I know you can, but I’m paranoid. Plus, my daughter usually does not believe in waiting three hours in between feeds.) This is probably cheating since it’s not completely finished, but I promise to post pictures of the finished result when I’m done. 3.


What do you do in a house that was inexplicably designed with very little storage space? You create your own, of course. I mean, both bathrooms are so tiny there’s not really much room for a vanity. We have two tiny cupboards, but with my stuff, my husband’s stuff, and now the baby’s stuff, things are getting really crowded. (You want to hear a sad story? All my lotions are now in a basket lying on top of the armoire in our bedroom. Now that’s a sad story.) At any rate, we used this idea to put some of our smaller stuff in a place that’s still easily accessible. And it reminds me to clean my ears. Here are the original pins. Clicking on the picture will take you to the original website, all except the last one, which Pinterest thinks is spam, I guess.





This Is What My Thanksgiving Looked Like

This is what my Thanksgiving looked like. We went to my parents’ but took no pictures since I wasn’t sure how they would react to being in my blog. It was low-key and wonderful. Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was great, no matter what it looked like. 🙂













Cross-stitched bibs

Way back, when I was a young girl, my mom tried to get me into cross-stitch.

It didn’t take.

I had delayed motor skills when I was a child, so much so that I fumbled with every zipper and couldn’t even tie my own shoes until about the third grade. So, you can see where threading a tiny needle and trying to match up those x’s was quite complicated.

Well, several years later my second effort went much better!


I kind of did the cheater’s method and bought this bib kit from Walmart. No Aida fabric or anything. It’s great practice learning to read a pattern with an outline before having to transfer it all mentally, like you would if you used Aida fabric.

I don’t know if it’ll be my new craft or not yet. I used to be an enthusiastic knitter, but I was never very good and I always found it sort of frustrating. Another thing I like about cross-stitch is that if you get bored using one color you can take a break once you’ve used up that thread and work on another section. In knitting, you pretty much have to go in order of the pattern.

I don’t know if I’ll actually get to use these bibs. The back is a little bit of a mess because I don’t know what I’m doing. Usually, when I start a new craft, I bug my mom until I get it. I’m teaching myself cross-stitch and I don’t understand anything yet, haha. I can see myself throwing it in the wash only to have the back unravel in the most ridiculous way.

Anyone else enjoy cross-stitch, or any other sort of hand craft, for that matter?


Sew-Along and Parenthood

I have no idea what I was thinking.

I follow The Coletterie, like so many other people in the sewing world do. Well, a couple of weeks ago, they announced The Cooper sew-along, and I jumped at the opportunity. The problem is, as a new parent, I’ve found myself to be a bit on the busy side. I told my husband about it, and he promptly added the messenger bag to his Christmas list. This is probably an example of biting off a bit more than I can chew, haha.

I haven’t had an opportunity to dash off to Jo-Ann’s, so I ordered fabric on-line (that hasn’t come in yet) and the pattern and hardware from The Coletterie website.

This is all I’ve gathered for the project so far:


Quite the collection of notions there. She said on the blog not to panic yet since it’s a quick sew, so I’m adamantly not panicking.

On the other hand, I did manage to get out to Jo-Ann’s today (hence the collection of notions) and saw Cincinnati Reds stuff on Clearance. This is sort of odd, since I no longer live in Ohio, but I’m a huge fan, so I collected as many things as I could:


A Cincinnati Reds hairband for my baby girl? I think so!


Top 5 Apps To Help With Baby

I know, I know, I’ve only been a parent for a little over four weeks so I’m hardly an authority here, but I’ve found a few apps that have helped me along the way. As soon as Baby R was born, the type A personality in me downloaded a bunch of apps to inform me and keep me organized.

So, without more ado, here are the top 5 apps I’ve used since Baby R was born, in no particular order:


1. Sound Sleeper.

This app is great… when it works for Baby R. The success of this app really depends on her mood on any given night. Basically, it’s a white noise app with different options, such as rain, a thunderstorm, vacuum cleaner, and a womb sound. So far her favorite is the womb track. I like or hold her in my arms and sway back and forth while I play it. If she’s in a good mood, it knocks her out within 15 minutes. If not, she just cries, haha.

This app also has beautiful black and white images to gaze at while you’re listening, although it’s set up so you can exit out of it to do other things on your device while it plays.


2. Baby Connect

This was a godsend in the beginning, seriously. You can track diaper changes, feedings, and nap times for your baby, as well as milestones and health information. Baby R was slow to pick up on breastfeeding and lost quite a bit of weight after birth, so the doctor wanted us to track everything for her. For the first few weeks, we were religious about tracking her feeding times and diapers but got lazy with it once we got into a better pattern.

The other bonus is that you can share the information with approved caregivers (and they can do the same with you). That way, if your baby goes to daycare or is looked after by another person, they can share the day with you so you’re never out of the loop.


3. Baby’s First Year

The only downside to this app is that it’s expensive. At $14.99, it’ll cost you, but it’s one of the most informative apps I’ve seen out there. It’s written like a book, where you can select the week that your kid is at and it’ll give you tips and tell you some upcoming milestones to look forward to. Prior to this book I knew nothing about baby massages (they get massages?!) and how to trim their nails.

Yesterday morning I seriously learned that their jaws can get sore from sucking and that you can massage their jaw. I guess it makes sense, so I massaged Baby R ‘s jaw just in case. I’m not sure if she liked it; she just looked bewildered.


4. Baby Pack And Go

Considering the fact that I need one of these for myself to even function when I pack for any sort of trip, it’s no wonder that I need another one for the baby. You can make packing lists for your diaper bag, or travel to Grandma’s house, or even more elaborate trips. (My list defaulted to Mexico). I like that it keeps you organized and suggests things I normally wouldn’t think of. It normally takes us a zillion years to get out the door, but this helps cut down on the time because it keeps me focused.


5. My First Books

This app comes with several picture books. It’s free to download, but there are several other books in the app you have to pay for. There are also several free ones, so you can pick whichever types of books you want. The only problem is that several are interactive, so the ideal age is for when they get older.

Voice tired from singing lullabies over and over? You can pick an option where the computer will read for you. I think it’s annoying, so I always read the book myself. Baby R doesn’t quite get books yet, but we try to make it a habit of reading to her each night.

I hope this list helps with some suggestions of good apps! If you’re a parent, what have you used?


Sewn nursing cover for my baby


For my second project, I sewed up a nursing cover for my little baby. Since I’m quite committed to breastfeeding and I know we can’t stay in hibernation forever, I knew I needed something to cover up.


The baby was actually asleep so I used a teddy bear. Forgive my insane hair.

The one thing I forgot was that cotton shrinks, so I ended up with less room than I started with. It’s also not as breathable as I would like, so I’m considering making another one in a more breathable fabric. I’m not sure how good she’d do under there for a long nursing session.


There’s an option to make a collar, but I am sleep deprived and couldn’t figure out how to make it work, so I left it without one. I also did not quite cut the top in the shape of a circle apparently, so that’s kind of weird. Both things bugged me until I realized that I’m not wearing it for heavy use, just for a few minutes at a time, so if it’s not perfect it doesn’t really matter. This was my first sewing project that I did without my mother’s help, so I’m relatively pleased as to how it turned out. I know it’s not perfect, but it works for what it’s supposed to do and I can’t wait to try it out for real.

The original pin here:

nursing cover



Recently, I started following A Wee Nest, who set the challenge of doing 12 DIY projects this Christmas season. Well, my husband and I completed our first project over the past week.

Whenever we attempted to close our kitchen drawer, we ended up jamming all of our measuring cups since the cup measure was honestly a little bit big for the depths of our drawers. So, we ended up hanging our spoons and cups on the insides of our cabinet as part of our ungoing effort to get the cabinets organized.




The original pin, which you can find here.